Acceleration, Focus, and Connecting the Dots 

Teams work faster when they are focused, and focus happens when all the relevant dots are connected -- business strategy connects to customer strategy which connects to product strategy which connects to people and staffing. I help companies of all sizes connect these dots to achieve acceleration through focus. I can help in many ways, from defined projects to facilitation to mentoring and coaching. 


Setting Strategy

Problem:  "We have several different ideas on the table, which one(s) should we choose and how do we execute?"

Solution: I can help the strategist quickly define, size and validate the various ideas and ensure the right people  are in place to execute.


Customer Insight 

Problem: “Who are my buyer personas, what messages will resonate, and what are they willing and able to pay?"

Solution: I can help the product marketer set up and execute a customer listening system that drives innovation and market validation.  


Product + UX

Problem: “Our product needs a better 'user experience' but we're not sure how to make that happen. Where do we start? What skills do we need?"

Solution: I can help product managers and product developers integrate all the various UX skill sets into their Agile processes. 


Greg’s ability to take abstract thought and concepts and weave a story around them to drive execution is a gift many marketing and design professionals struggle with when developing product strategy. Greg brings such a strong sense of structure and organization to his thought process that I was always at peace knowing he was running the project or analysis behind our software design...
— Product Marketing and Product Management Pro at Microsoft