Pivot Strategies for Technology Companies 

Technology companies (product or service-based) often get stuck at $5M-10M in annual revenue. I help these companies pivot and start growing again. These pivots can take various forms -- from finding adjacent markets to developing new products and services to redefining key processes. 

My Approach to Pivot Strategies

How I Help

Adjacent Markets Pivots

Problem:  "We're stuck. Our service is commodified and customers aren't willing to pay what they once did. What do we do?"

Solution: I can define, size and validate the various "adjacent market" options and choose the ones that are most promising.


Product & Service Pivots

Problem: “Our product and service offerings are out of step with what customers want. We're no longer their only option."

Solution: I can help define the product and service opportunities that get you into new markets and get the business growing again. 


Execution Leadership

Problem: “We know what we need to do. Strategy is defined, but we need leadership help to make the execution work."

Solution: I can help align key processes with your strategic drivers to make sure everyone is working toward the same set of goals.  


Greg’s ability to take abstract thought and concepts and weave a story around them to drive execution is a gift many marketing and design professionals struggle with when developing product strategy. Greg brings such a strong sense of structure and organization to his thought process that I was always at peace knowing he was running the project or analysis behind our software design...
— Product Marketing and Product Management Pro at Microsoft

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